Resolutions…not so fond of the word or making of resolutions.  I do however understand that we need to make goals to achieve them, be a dreamer to reach our dreams and of course resolve to act a certain way or go after certain things in order to have some semblance of direction.

I also think, speaking for myself, that it is easy to succumb to routine, fall into patterns, and operate on cruise when we actually think we are in the fast lane, shifting and changing lanes.

Over the last week as my husband and I looked at our goals for 2011 and reviewed 2010, it became blatantly clear that we were operating in a comfort zone and our comfort zone consisted of to do lists, project lists, nagging task lists, time schedule lists and on and on.  We are great at projecting together therefore our comfort zone is projects.  We own 2 businesses so conversations and time is often spent there.  We are remodeling so projects flow from that.  But on the 3rd of January we began asking ourselves “is this all there is?”.  What about fun? What about friends? What about family? What about me? What about us?

That caused us to spend a few days in honest discussion of our paradigm of life that we had created.  I looked up paradigm and paradigm shift.  This is what I found:

  • Paradigm: an example serving as a model; pattern
  • Paradigm Shift: an example serving as a model; pattern

Honestly a paradigm seemed like a rut, something I just keep doing because it had become my pattern.  So, we decided to put the project list at the end of the goals list for 2011 and put other things first.  In other words, we decided to shake up our paradigm.  This blog will serve to follow us in that endeavor. I am certain it will be full of challenges and victories.  Hopefully it will also be full of inspiration and courage for you and others that want to break out of habits, defaults and routines. We don’t want to radically change what we do necessarily; we have a good life which hopefully will become clear in this blog as I continue to share.  BUT we do want to change how we do it, how we prioritize what we do and how we feel about it.

Please share with me your stories of shaking up your paradigm or being stuck in yours!