In order to shift a paradigm you need to assess the current one.  I shared yesterday the goal/mission statement for 2011-“shake up our lifestyle paradigm to be relationship focused.”

In contrast, goals for 2010 were:

  • Prepare for move
  • Pay off Credit Cards
  • Lose weight
  • Launch our new business
  • Identify roles in business organizations
  • Volunteer/Give Back

As I pondered these goals a couple of weeks ago, I was overall happy with the progress on each.  We had sold 1 house and were well on our way to having our home that we currently live in ready to sell in 2011.  We had paid off much in debt, I had not only lost weight but totally changed up my diet in 2010, we launched our business in December and I had gotten involved in some things that interested me but not nearly at the level that I would like.

BUT the other thing I realized was that these things were so, well THING oriented.  Where is the relationship stuff, where is the fun, where is just BEING?  And there began the quest to really look at 2011 from a different POV.  From a place of peace, joy, friendship, family, love…

The mission statement was born and the goals that followed took it heavily into consideration. For a reminder, 2011 is about:

Shaking up the current lifestyle paradigm to be relationship focused.

Next question was how?