Playing more was a BIGGIE when looking at our life.   We also found that there is a difference between having fun and playing.

We love working together.  We love home improvement projects.  We love cooking. We love our businesses.  We have FUN doing all of these things, but is that really playing?  Nope it is not.  Playing to me is doing something just for fun even if no one else understands it and even if it does not result in checking something off of a to do list.  That was something lacking in my life.  Having fun yes; playing no.

So we resolved that together in 2011,we would play more and that play would be together play.  True play, just play and for no reason other than, well….play.

So last night we did something that in 5 1/2 years of marriage we have NEVER done together; especially at home on a weeknight.  No kids were visiting, the dog was sleeping, we had not even eaten dinner yet and we kicked the coffee table out of the way, tossed off our shoes and (drum roll please…) we played Wii.  Yes Wii!  I know many of you have done this for months now and may even be tired of it by now.  BUT we did not even own one until yesterday.

AND it was fantastic.  We laughed and played and munched and played and well let me just say that we will definitely be incorporating Wii into WE.