My goals, resolutions, commandments are in a variety of places and formats.  The goals that I am sharing today, are those that both Mike and I came up with for 2011 after reviewing not just last year but our 5 years of marriage together.  As I have shared previously our focus has been very task and project oriented.  As we talked about the pros and cons of that we had a very heartfelt conversation around the lack of relationship focused activities in our lives.  Not only with friends and family but with each other.  AGAIN, just because you spend a lot of time together, love working together, gel in most everything and have fun, it does NOT mean that you are relationship focused.

So our “together” goals for 2011 are as follows:

  • Make everyday our wedding day
  • Respect and support each others personal goals
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships
  • Make our finances fit and solid
  • Build (our business) into a viable business with success in mind
  • Travel and explore new cultures, food and customs; include one out of country experience
  • Finish house projects with exit plan in mind

We still included our business and house projects in our goals, but they were further down on the list.  Since we are so “work” based, we felt that having those at the top would be equivalent to having brushing out teeth or taking a shower on the list.  We will still have planning on the business, goals, etc., but for our personal goals we needed to swing the paradigm in order to find a bit of balance.

In focusing on #1 that is where play and affection come in along with many other things.  BUT every day we are asking each other “you still want to married today?”.  The question is meant to be affectionate 🙂 and not meant to be an exit plan opportunity.  It is just a daily reminder to both of us that we would do it again and to find joy in the fact that we are indeed married.

What are your goals? Business oriented, project oriented, personal growth, relational or something else?  Are you trying something new this year?  Or was last year so successful that you are doing it again?