I don’t know about you, but I have come to rely way too much on email, Facebook, texting, etc to connect with people.  Goal #3 is “relationships, relationships, relationships” and in 2011 I do NOT want that to mean the old way of connecting.  I need a paradigm shakeup on this piece of my life too!  This week I went to lunch with 2 dear friends that I NEVER sat down to eat with in all of 2010!  I am ashamed to admit that but the truth is they are not the only ones that I have not really connected with or have not connected with enough.  I have vowed to these 2 friends that in February we would do this again and I would commit to coordinating it.  Today I am lunching with another good friend that I too often let time pass and then send a quick email or message to.  I am looking forward to seeing her beautiful face today and connecting.

Another “tool” I seem to forget about is the telephone.  The what??? The telephone??? Oh yeah, the thing I use to text and email with …. Today at 3 I am CALLING a friend and TALKING to her rather than exchanging hellos via cyperspace.

This goal ties into one of my commandments of “listen”.  For me to really listen I need to HEAR your voice and it is such a bonus to SEE your face also.  Text can get misconstrued.  Yesterday while IM’ing my husband I realized a comment I made sounded “ugly.”  It wasn’t meant to and my tone in my head did not sound that way, but when I read it I thought “wow you sounded nasty there!”.

For me in 2011, relationships and listening go hand in hand.  So if you haven’t heard my voice in a while, watch out because your phone may just be ringing!