I experienced an earth shattering, universe moving, unlike nothing else EVER this morning.  In my endeavor to shift my paradigm, I am not only trying to shift it, BUTalso not to be ashamed, embarrassed or apologetic about it.  Very much a challenge for me; after all I pride myself in all that I can do, will do, am planning to do, etc.

Two of my focuses came together today.  One, is my desire to connect more–face to face AND honestly.  Two, my desire to play more and do it without remorse.

This morning I had the great honor once again of attending a Ladies Who Launch event in Atlanta.  I say” honor” because these women are fantastic, bright and just beautiful inside and out.  They are movers and shakers and they inspire me every time I go.  BUT I do not go and connect with these ladies enough.  In my “new world” I have committed to do this more often and this morning I did. So kudos to me for making this a priority today and I benefited GREATLY from it.

During the meeting, I surprised myself when I announced to a room full of these movers and shakers and people that I greatly respect that I, have yes, bought a Wii and have been PLAYING with it every day in the last couple of weeks AND loving it! :).  What a shock to me to hear this come out of my mouth!  I was not talking about being overloaded, pulled in 1000 directions, etc., but was talking about playing.  AND you know what?  THEY CLAPPED and CHEERED!  What a great moment for me!  What a realization! No one judges me harshly for playing and for admitting it.  No one came up to me afterwards and said “oh my you aren’t working enough” or “how can you possibly do THAT”.  I am the only one that says that to me and I must stop.  I mean if these intelligent, productive, smart, successful women thought it was ok then maybe, just maybe it is. 🙂

Connecting, play and honest communication.  I am loving the shift.