It was beautiful here this weekend and many people I know spent hours outside enjoying the break in the weather.  We did not “play” outside this weekend, but we did enjoy our weekend.  We are in the process of remodeling, as a gift, a room for our daughter.  For me it falls under the goal of “relationships, relationships, relationships.”  This is my oldest daughter and was about moved out of the house by the time I married again.  We did not have the opportunity to do some things with her that we did with the other two.  So, we decided to go all out and give her this room remodel gift for Christmas.

We started the project last weekend.  This weekend we arrived Saturday morning and left Sunday morning after 3 a.m.!  This certainly shows our compulsive nature doesn’t it.  AND it certainly is demonstrative of the way my husband and I can totally get into a project and have fun in doing it. So although it was fun, it was not by definition play. BUT it is a wonderful thing to be involved in.  The relationship building is so important on this one and we all feel really good about this.

I am finding that shifting is not always black and white.  Although I did not PLAY in the true sense of the word there was true fulfillment beyond just doing a project.  It was really about loving her, the relationship with her and giving of our time, talent and money to do something really great for someone else.  To recollect, our overall theme for the year is:

“Shake up our lifestyle paradigm to be relationship focused.”

I think this project certainly qualifies.  It is more than a project; it is more than a list; it is more than the lack of sleep and the achy bones.  It is all about doing for someone else and that feels fantastic.

Are you doing something that you feel is in line with your current focus?  What is it?