“Don’t wait for perfect” is one of my commandments.  At first blush you might think that I do things 1/2 way or leave a lot undone but call it done.   Actually it is just the opposite.  Many times I do not put closure on something or move onto the next thing unless it is “perfect.”.  One of my friends shared a phrase “better done than perfect” with me years ago and at first I was really put off by it; I actually found it somewhat funny.  I mean I did not want to be someone to say “well at least it’s done; sorry that it fell apart”…

BUT as I examine my life and what my comfort zones are, I find that many times, waiting for something to be perfect is an excuse, crutch, explanation and also a disillusioning way of thinking.  It actually results in me living in the future all the time rather than in the present.  I can say/think things like “when this happens, then I will do this” or “when you do this  I will do that” or “when this is done and PERFECT, then I will enjoy life and relax”…  I have said all of these things and more in my life.  Waiting for things to be done before you enjoy your life or appreciate what you have in this moment is a way of robbing yourself over and over.  Rather, appreciate the now, bring closure when you can in the now, and allow yourself to come back to something to improve it later–but don’t put life on hold waiting for its perfect completion.

Live now and enjoy–don’t wait for perfect.