One of my commandments is “spoiling me and others is a privilege and OK”.  The last few days we have been visiting my parents to help them out with a few things.  During this trip I have had the opportunity to “spoil” my parents in a few regards.  They have been having computer issues-we went with the intent of fixing their computer but instead after a couple of days of troubleshooting (my husband is a techie), we decided to go shopping instead.  We outfitted them with a new laptop and accessories.  My mom, who is having some mobility issues can now sit in comfort with the laptop and look at pictures of grand kids or emails.  She wept with delight!

Another task was to get some boxes in my dad’s attic.  I say “dad’s attic” rather than “their attic” because it really is a man cave and only my dad ventures there.  BUT it is a dangerous place.  My dad who has some physical challenges himself at this point in life has to balance on the rafters.  YIKES!  So we went and go plywood and floored a major section so he could walk without fear of falling through.  He said “oh my goodness; you shouldn’t have!”  Really?  I don’t think it was optional…

We cooked and drank fine food and beverages.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day with decadent desserts and dessert wine in addition to a great meal.  Overall it was a great few days.  My parents were thrilled and felt very spoiled, grateful and also apologetic over what we had done.  We of course felt no need for apologies; we in fact would not even classify what we did as spoiling.  They have done so much in their life for others and right now they need a little help.  We felt good about being able to do what we did.

It made me wonder at how often I have apologized when someone has done something for me rather than saying thank you.  OR how I tend to justify my actions when I do something nice for me.  BUT the flip side of that is that I do not expect that behavior from others.  Why expect it from me????  Spoiling is in the eye of the receiver I tend to think; those that do the spoiling rarely see it like that.  I loved doing things needed and extravagant over the last few days.  Spoiling them?  I doubt it?  BUT if it is, who cares???? 🙂  Spoiling me and others is a privilege and OK.  A great commandment to follow on a much more regular basis!

How about you?  Is there someone that spoils you or that you spoil?  Do you spoil yourself?  Tell me about it.