We played this weekend.  Yep, there I said it. We played.  Not “we had fun this weekend”, but “we played this weekend”.  The difference?  There is no motive for play except well play.  Nothing gets checked off a list when you play except the item that says “play.”  I can have fun doing so many things.  I can have fun cleaning my house if I am in the right mood and have some good tunes playing.  I can have fun at work.  I can have fun packing boxes for our move. AND that is so good to find fun inside the things I need to do.  I love that I can make most things fun and enjoyable.  What I have trouble doing is not doing anything “worthwhile”–that is something on a list that has an end result.  I am “play challenged” no doubt.  I think some of that is from my upbringing.  Some of that thinking is just because of the person that I am-I am a doer.  So for me to say “no work all play” this weekend is pretty monumental.

AND playing was fun too!  We hit some places we have visited before and reminisced.  We ate some great food; splurged on dessert.  We watched kids jumping in a fountain and playing for almost an hour; we just laughed and enjoyed that so much. We roamed in and out of some little shops and bought a couple things for our new house. We found some patio furniture on clearance and bought it! We wondered the city as if we were tourists and took pictures.

At first glance back, I would say we accomplished nothing this weekend since we played so much.  But that would be wrong.  We laughed, breathed, walked, slept, enjoyed the heat and the sunshine (instead of just AC), loved being together, talked alot, took great pictures to remember our weekend by, bonded, reminisced, dreamed and loved.  That my friend is quite alot accomplished in just one weekend of play!

How do you play?