Staying Grateful

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It can be a challenge to stay in gratitude when busyness overtakes.

I am so busy with the move right now that my life easily gets overshadowed with lists, boxes, to dos, schedules and the like.  The results of that are stress, bickering over stupid things, not eating well, worry and just a feeling of not being in synch–what should I do next with the general feeling and oh yeah, I need to do it all by myself!

Last night Mike and I dropped back and punted as they say.  We stopped in our tracks and talked about all the things were grateful for, how much we love each other and how we need to savor this move and these things we are doing right now–not get overtaken by them!  We have never bought a house together and set it up together–what a blessing that is!  The new house is perfect for us to share our life in and to share and live out our dreams in.  That is where we need to focus. AND we are not in this alone– we are a partnership in this and the other’s “go to person!”

Being grateful for everything we have to do, every box, every list, every schedule– we are 11 days away from the exit load.  We would not be experiencing this were it not for so many pieces falling into place the least of all being married to each other.

Grateful, grateful, grateful…


Make Time for Marriage

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I think it is an odd thing that I spend so much time with people that are not family, not friends, not my spouse!  So much so that I needed to put “Make Time for Marriage and Connecting” as a personal commandment.  Why is it that those we love the most seem so often to drop to the bottom of the list or end up simmering on the back burner?

I really love spending time with my husband.  We truly have a great relationship and love to work and play together.  People will comment on that frequently.  We remodel together without fighting, we play and travel, we even have two businesses together.  BUT that is different than just being MARRIED together.

SO this weekend we are going away Friday – Monday.  We actually took 1/2 day off on Friday and all day Monday to wrap in with the weekend. My hope is that we are must married this weekend; not business partners, not parents and step parents, not employees somewhere, not home improvement gurus,etc.  JUST married!  We celebrate 6 years of marriage this weekend.  Last night my husband asked my what some highlights were for me.  It was great to think about and talk about.  We concluded that we have had incredible times together and we need to focus more on us time and work on not allowing us time to take a back seat.

So off we go tomorrow… I cannot wait to go away with my husband, be married, in love and at ease.

How do you insure that your most important relationships stay front and center?