My paradigm just isn’t shaking but it is in major earthquake mode!  So much so that I have not even sat down to blog for a few moments.  When I committed to a paradigm shift in January and made goals around it how was I supposed to know that the Universe would be so in favor of this that all things would move and shift and change before the 1st 1/2 of the year was even over!  Not that I am complaining; I find it exciting that not only am I on a path to shift but the “forces that be” are with me also.

Some shifts…my second business seems to be taking root; we got a real order for a store and that was is so exciting! Much of my shifting has to do with how I view my businesses–the day job business and the passion one.  It has been a real shift for me to focus on the passion business. You would think that would be easy given it is a “passion” and all, but reality for many of us is that we don’t focus on where our passion lies.  Focusing on shifting this has had to be a deliberate thing for me; it is still not easy, but I am seeing the benefits.

Another BIG shift… my last blog I shared about going away for the weekend (that was end of March) for our anniversary.  I blogged on marriage, love and all that stuff. Funny thing is that we did go away, but rather than wine and roses (although we had that too), we bought a house in Indiana with 6 acres of land.  Oh my goodness!

The move to Indiana has been in the planning and we actually committed to this as part of our paradigm shift for the year.  We will be closer to home (relationships #3), it is good for our finances (#4), and it definitely fits in with our exit plan goal (#7).  Moving to Indiana is also about simplifying which I am committed to. The house is in a little town of 3500. I can truly focus on my dog treat business as this is a town that has many small businesses and farmer’s markets.  There are so many things that are aligning with this.  I promise to continue to blog on this.  I find it inspiring just watching the pieces fall into place.  I have visioned this move and this house and this life style for quite some time.  It is outlined on mind maps in my office and right now, in 2011, I am being given the opportunity to step into it.

It is not to say it is not scary along with thrilling and exciting.  After all it is not a shift- it is an earthquake.  Everything under me is shifting, nothing is solid except for us walking into our dream together. Have you ever stepped into your dream or vision with one big gigantic leap?  How did it feel?  How did you feel?