Paradigm Shift Nudge (PUSH)

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Sometimes no matter how much you try to shift you need a nudge or a push to really get the shifting going.  I have shifted in many regards so far this year but another biggie is happening as well.

I have had a great contract with a great company for about 3 years now.  Yep, that is a long contract.  It is sometimes fulltime, sometimes part, but it has been steady and that has been great.  It has however kept me from growing my other business perhaps as quickly as I would like, but it has been a real blessing in so many regards.

There have been whisperings of budget constraints/challenges, but yesterday I got the word..”unfortunately we have to seriously cut back your hours; we are over budget.” I still have a couple things to finish up and there will be some lingering of a few hours here and there but for the immediate future it will be almost non existent; particularly after October.  Sure it could change and there are some working towards changing this but I am not and cannot count on that.

So, besides moving this month out of state (our date for complete transition is Oct.1), I now find myself being able to focus on other things, other dreams, other avenues.  Although I am a bit scared and thrown, I am also very excited!  So today is mine. 🙂 and I have been taking advantage!  Catching up on personal things, focusing on how I can gain other clients for my business and also looking at the great opportunity I now have of not only moving but I could totally shift my focus on my other business should I choose.  I suspect the latter will be the path.

So yesterday some doors began to gently close (not lock, but shut a bit); but this morning my head is spinning with hope and possibilities. When I put out to the universe I wanted this to be a year of the paradigm shift, I had no idea what it would hold.  I still don’t..several months still ahead and energy is in full force. Exciting times!


I’m back and shifting

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It has been so long since I have visited this blog.  I miss it and not quite sure how I let it slip so far away. But here I go, back at it.

Paradigm shifting for me is really happening.  I am so excited to have spent the last 2 weeks in our new home. Living out in the country really changes one’s perspective.  I feel better, more relaxed, focused, healthier, just BETTER!

The sunrises and sunsets are more meaningful to me here.  Perhaps because I can actually see them, but maybe it is because I take the time to see them out here.  I don’t need an alarm here in the new place; I just wake with the sun ready to go.  But not “go like in a panic go”—go with enthusiasm of the new day and the beauty that surrounds me. Playing with the dog seems like a “must do”, hanging bird feeders is just as important as logging on and checking email, watering my hanging plants is a daily occurrence of care and nurturing rather than a last ditch effort to save neglected dying plants.

Simple things are not simple here–they are complex, meaningful and greatly fullfilling.  It is those things that seemed so huge before that now seem to fade into the not so important things that used to overtake my being.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still working, still productive, still dreaming, still planning, but I feel like it is in better perspective.  The “work me” takes a break to eat lunch looking at the pond from the deck, the evening sees the laptop  being turned off so as to not miss a sunset, watching Jasmine run in the morning while the sun comes up breathes life into the new day.

Yes, this shifting is good; I feel like I am in the discovery phase looking forward to whatever it brings. Glad to connect with you again; what’s going on in your world?